In today’s scenario, there are a lot of question in the field of education, which are still left unanswered.
Should we have co-education schools?
Should education happen only in the mother tongue?
Which is the right age to start one’s education?
Should literacy be a part of education?
Can we try and educate a person without making him literate?
What should be the personality of a teacher?
Should we have teachers in the mould that we have today?
Should be personality of teachers be dictated in some form?
What should be the compensation for teachers, like were to position them, with regard to the compensation packages for them?
How much of government control should be excercised in the running of the schools?
What should be the over all objective of educating our society?
Should education be made compulsory?

For all the above question and so much more of this ilk, you might have an immediate answer, but please have a re-look at those answers, you will find that we need to revisit these questions and probably be continuously revisiting these questions with the changing times.

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