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S.K.Sundararajan has been consulting in TNA (training need analysis) Train, Assess, SWOT & PEST analysis, Counseling, Talent management, Knowledge
Has been instrumental in finding ways to maintain the
motivational levels of the staff in Organizations.
Has been considered very good at communication and to take tougher things across.
Helped organizations on Organizational development and Interventions.
Management, Designing and Executing foolproof selection procedure and Training.
Recently trained more than 1200 Engineers and 50
managers, located over 10 regions of India, developing the
KRA for the personnel, especially managers and
Engineers, developing the career path for the personnel,
developing and executing training programs, Manpower
planning on the basis of projects and costs. Organizational Expansion and development
Faculty with a leading institute catering to CAT aspirants Been a part of the panel in the selection process, looking for the attitude, and the chemistry with the organization's culture.
Was running a clinic counselingclients
Done a project to bring the curriculum to be carried through media.
Found to be excellent in motivating and to help people stay focused at the team level.

Sundararajans' strengths

Intuitive ability to read personalities
To utilize people on the basis of their strengths
Effectively communicate to bring about mindshare
Effectively manage both under efficient and gifted man power.
To use sharp intellect to simplify the complex problems to provide viable solutions.
Abreast with the latest assessment and training techniques.
Expert at resolving conflicts
Handling and Allocating personnel resources to maximize the use of the same.
Provide motivation and to create a positive attitude.
Good at changing the perspective to make people creative.
Developing emotionally intelligent leaders.
Capable of harnessing and utilizing the spiritual strengths of the resources.
Exceptional communication abilities.
Known for the abilities to influence people.

In the field of Management& HR:

Was instrumental in devising policies and procedures for upcoming companies.
Was instrumental in recruitment and training of personnel for interesting ventures.
Developing SOP (standard Operating Practices) in tune with the organization and finding ways to implement the same.
Keenly working on areas where People will precede process and areas where it should be the other way around.
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