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Unlike many, who merely crib on the present educational system, we at Aileron chose to act. After having understood, what makes people crib at the educational institutions, we chose to analyse the whole cycle of learning, applying thoughts, implementing, earning and realization.

A school is both a boon and a bane, it is an opportunity if put to proper use, and it is a death-trap if it is in the hands of unsafe management. More dangerous than the fire accidents that could happen in the schools are the damages and accidents that happens to the minds of the individual who get educated in the schools.

After having worked in various Educational institutions at almost all the levels for over 2 decades, the Director and the visionary of the company, Mr. S.K. Sundararajan, looked critically at the levels of accomplishments of the students at the social and commercial level, especially after they finished their schooling. It revealed the influence that the schooling had on their performance in the society. The influences that the school had on the emerging individual and therefore the society are , Intelligence, Relationship, Pusillanimity, Attitude, Self Esteem and knowledge.

We therefore have come up with ways and means to work on making the schools and colleges as places capable of making leaders and such worthwhile citizens, who will make our country and this world a better place to live. In so doing, we have also kept in mind the cost factors that play a major role in doing something in this field. We are very well aware, that on the one hand, all innovations and value additions involve cost, and we will not be able to increase the fees to meet the same.

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