magazine for Institutions

In connection with the various educational activities that we embark upon to fulfil it adds colour and verve to create a platform for the communications to happen smoothly.
On the one hand we endevour to make the educational flag holders to think, so, we also need to provide them the platform to air their thought processes.
Sampoorna: will be a quarterly magazine, which will consist of articles from Teachers, educators, children and the management.
Aim: to provide for interactions among the institutions, which will create a platform for such activities to strengthen the value system and to establish a bench mark on the process of education.
Objective: to reach out to the maximum number of personnel who are desirous of being in the path of enlightenment, through knowledge.
It will consist of articles on best teaching methodologies, the philosophies ofeducation, tit bits of interesting happenings in various schools and colleges. It will also be the plat form for schools to motivate their teachers to get motivated to pursue their academic endeavours.
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