Consultancy Services

Consultancy for Effective Management :

Management Interventions

We will work with the school on developing the following:

Philosophy of the school
Mission of the Organization
Vision of the Organization
Aim and goals of the school
Effective communication
Cost Effective alternatives
Interface with the parents

Resource persons:
To bring in resource person from various fields with the purpose of Updating the knowledge of the teachers and to provide up to date Information for the students.

Consultancy in the day to day operation of the business of education for effective utilization of resources and to cost effectively go about with the operations.

This is an important area of our work, decision on the selection of the boards, to effectively audit the methodologies of the content delivery, assessment and to suitably find ways to measure and improve the quality of education.

To effectively use the technology or otherwise to cost effectively and to objectively evaluate and to generate reports on the proper measure of the strengths and weakness of the students which in turn will throw light on the quality of education.

Relevant Human Resource Practices:
To develop and implement suitable HR policies like, feedback mechanisms, which will help in enhancing the quality and will motivate the teachers to give their best.

Co – curricular interventions

We will work with the school on developing the following:

Project oriented study
Conceptual teaching methodologies
Inculcating values
Out reach programs
Identifying and enhancing potentials
Creative solutions

To work using our network to find out ways and means to put our contacts to best use in bringing the best of the resources and technologies to augment the education in the child.

Wider Responsibility:
Committed in providing a wider and wiser exposure to the student in the process of strengthening his personality, with a view to making this world a peaceful place.

In this competitive environment, to expose the children also to the aspects of subtler conscious efforts to broaden their minds and to make them feel, with the sharpening of their emotional intelligence, and thereby ensuring this sort of a service for the future generations to come.

The challenge:
The challenge is quite evident, with the emerging world, with the compeition, technology and globalisation which also brings with it the exposure, it is a challenge to be met, and we expect the management of the school to co-operate in our joint efforts to bring about these changes, so as to improve the quality in a cost effective manner.

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